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I never
Friday, September 26, 2008

I had never worry about my grades before. In primary, secondary or even in polytechnic. I mean, I am not a scholar but neither I am the lowest. I am very contended with my middle standard grades. I always knew that some one else will be much better than me or much worst than me. Never in my life i felt fear that I am the worst in class or not able to meet up the expectation of others.

Ever since I started my university life, all these "I never" suddenly appear right in front of me. A lot of things I never come across or I never think of starts appearing. I dont know if these things are already there but i refuse to acknowledge it or I am too "native" to think about it.

I am currently studying Information system management. having no background in IT and in business I chose to study in this area. My course that I study in poly is chemical. Not related at all. My classmates asked me why do I choose this course. I replied that I want to study something different and I find IT a very important area in the industry. What a stereotype answer.

Till now, I do not have the confidence to say that I have pick the right choice. My grades are not the highest of the class but in fact the lowest. Doubts is not something that I like but it somehow able to enter my life.

Currently, my course already have 18 dropouts. I am wondering should I be the 19th?

writtern @10:24 AM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yoyoyo....A lot of thing happen this month. My 2 uncle just pass away. I am out of job. Mi saying good bye to 3o over students. Now then i noe saying good bye is so hard! When i come to work as a teacher mi think that even if i go there will be no diff de. But no I am wrong. My students got cry when i tell them i am leaving. Mi almost cry as well. Gosh. Most of them understand that i have to leave to further my studies and they gave mi blessings for my studies. So i must study hard nei. Cannot let them down.

Not only that I have to say good bye, mi also wnet for 2 camps. The camp thingy will upload next time lar. Haha. Due to too many things happening so i intended to go vietnam for holiday!

Actually I reach vietnam le and Using my aunt com to blog. My aunt is working in vietnem so i go to vietnam no need to book hotel, staying at her place and she has a com. My aunt place is very cosy, neat and very pink. (The walls are painted in different shades of pink!) The place here is not very hot cos have air con and fan. Dont think that vietnam is very low tech, the com i using is window XP de lor! Haha!

The flight was enjoyable and the flight was very fast. It took an hour plus to reach vietnam. Very fast right? I took the lion air not tiger air! Haha. Lion is from indonesia de lar. Although budget air ways but have food to eat on the air plane nei. But i think i super suai cos my food got a dead cockroach! Gosh! I complain le lar but like no diff cos i already eat the food le. Hope i will not get a tummy ache :x

The air port in veitnam is new, my aunt say build by the japanese nei. But still changi air port nicer! Haha. Vietnam here have a lot of things. More than wat i expected. I think i a bit look down on them ba. haha. Mi naughty. Most of the buildings here very run down and very dirty. But the food here is more delicious than i thought! But some of the food i cannot accept the taste. But majority i quite like. hah. My worries are redundant! No need to eat macdonals le!My aunt say vietnam no mac, only got KFC....Hmmm.....

Well i will blog more next time!!!


P.S the time here is 1 hour slower

writtern @10:32 PM

get well soon!!!
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wah I blog again. 3rd time le and almost everyday nei. Haha. Mi will try to post almost everyday lar. But i think it will be only a short while only. Haha. 3 minutes hot degree ( in chinese translation)

MI sick le nei. Not in terms of the flu or cough but in terms of mentally, physically and emotionally. Main reason will be mi leaving my students nei. I have to tell all my students lor. 30 over students. The feeling like breaking up with 30 over boyfriends like tat. Pain nei. But no choice ma.

I dunno my students feel say a not. Cos mainly 4, 5 years old. Haha. I dont think they will remember ba. Its ok. At least i noe i done my very best in teaching them can le rite?

Any ways must pack up my working mood and tune to studying mood. I will use my university and enjoy it to the fullest cos i think this is my last round of study-dont intend to take master of PHD. I not so clever. Haha.

As for both of them, I think the ending now is the best although this is the first i feel so.... But I think i will not grow up if i nv encounter this rite? I WILL be strong if not i have to change my name to shang xin le. Haha. JKJK.

I will get well soon!!!


writtern @8:37 PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wah i blog 2 times in this month. Later must go buy toto. sure win. Haha. Recently a lot of things happen and i ending my work soon so should be able to blog more more often. SO ppl out there pls don say my blog rusty le.

MI just came back from clinic. Haha. Nothing much lar just procedure that needed to do if need to apply for university. I did blood test too. I am AB blood. Haha. :)

Earlier i mention i am quitting my job. Haiz a bit sad lar. Although i always complainning that then very naughty lar. But with them for a year. Got feelings le. Now wan to say good bye a bit hard. But its ok. I am still in Singapore. Can contact through phone, mail etc de ma. Thanks to the technology.

No matter wat happen in work or in relationship, I will be strong and stay happy. I promise. :)


PS No matter wat feelings for u wont change. As long as u are happy, I will be.

writtern @1:20 PM

new blog skin
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yo. long time nei since the last blog. Haha. No choice lar very busy. So now dunno y got motivation to type blog some more change my blog skin. Haha.

So hows my life now? Terrible. Haha. No lar. Just a few changes to my schedule. I applied uni recently and i got into infomation system management in SMU. Frankly speaking, i dunno wat does this course is about. All i noe is about business and IT and I suck in computer. But this is not my first choice. My first choice is accounting but din get in. May be too many ppl applied or my resluts not good enough. Sad. The other uni? only NUS replied- chemistry and applied chemistry not business. Mi dont wan to touch science ani more so i choose SMU lor. But Infomation system is under science nei. Funny hor. Haha. Nvm. As long as is business can le lar.

Due to mi going back to school to study, me have to quit my job. Haiz. All i can say is 舍不得 舍不得. I have to say good bye to my students. Although they make mi angry and make my body working on high level of adrenaline (students taking exam soon so mi scared and stress) but still very hard to say good bye nei. Only a few noes i am leaving. Majority dunno i am leaving yet. Have to tell them soon. Its hard. Been with them for a year plus. Got feelings le nei.

But saying good bye does not mean cannot meet le ma. Still can keep in contact de. I think. Any ways mi tired le. Yawnz. Next time then blog. Hope will not be long.


P.S I grew tall by 1 cm nei.

writtern @10:45 PM

autograph session with romantic princess action cast
Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wah today i very happy cos i shake hand with wu zun and i got his autograph some more i get to see him real not on lappy. He put too much make up.

Tell details next time.

P.S. Jia hui went with mi as well

writtern @10:06 PM

Happy new year 2008
Tuesday, January 01, 2008

yo!!! Today is the new blog of the year! After so long i finally blog le. Mi getting lazier le lar. The dust in my blog accumulating. Too bad mi has a habit not to clean up dust.

Usually at this time i should be cello-ing. But today is new year so i eat snake a bit nv practise. Haha. In actual fact mi addicted to a taiwan show-"romantic princess" while the show loading so i blog lor.

Enough of this le, I shall do a conclusion in wat i had done in the year 2007.

First of all i had completed my piano grade 8 theory exam, cello grade 6 exam and finish my dipolma in chemical process technology in Singapore polytechnic. Besides tat i found a job that i always wanted-piano teacher. 2007 had been a quite fulfilling year as i achieve wat i always wanted and achieve the goals i set for myself.

The only sad thing is my ABRSM (dipolma in piano), it not yet completed. hopefully that i will complete in this year, 2008. Since i already touch on wat i wan to complete then i shall continue with my new goals. Mi wan to apply for university. This time is not chemical line, and not music line. Y? u may ask. After teaching for some time, i begin to ponder if teaching piano is really wat i wan to do for the rest of my life. I dont wan to continue chemical is that i do not wan to do routine test for the rest of my life-too boring. Piano teacher? I must admit i wan to teach is partly because the pay is rather good and i thought i have the patience to teach. but i think i am wrong to a certain extend.

I have the patience but my patience has a limit. U may say everybody has its limit de. But i think my limit is due to mi having pushing myself too much and this adds on the stress to my students and mi as well. Sometimes I pity my students though. Haha.

And another problem is their parents. Mi still not very good in handling those parents and i still dont noe how to fight for my own right. Haha. I am trying very hard though hopefully i will have impovement in this year.

Now then i noe even if i can play tat does not mean i can teach very well. Teaching and playing is totally 2 different thing. Playing is u only. Teaching is u and ur students. And I prefer playing more that teaching. Haha.

Hopefully i can find a course tat i can find a job in and work for the rest of my life. However, music is something i will not give up. So not to worry. Mi will use it some how de lar. :) May be i will just teach part time instead of full time. Who noes?

IN this year i just hope I can be a little more mature-becoming 21 this year. Arh! So old. Haha. My temper can change for the better (so that my students will not suffer that much) and improve on my command of english. May be I can find my prince....

Having type so much my show finish. Back to it le. Must finish the show ASAP so that i can concentrate on my 2 hubby again. All the best and good luck in this year. Kanbatae.


P.S. WU chun very shuai. :)

writtern @9:16 PM